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Which dubstep maker should you be using in 2013? A few of my readers have asked me to give some advice on what I think will be the best tool for producing dubstep in the coming year, and there are a ton of new programs on the market for making dubstep so I figured I'd do a quick run down on what I think is the best dubstep maker people should be using and why.
Up until this point anyone creating dubstep music has had a wide variety of software, hardware, tools, and VST plugins to choose from but nothing has really been designed specifically for dustep that specializes in those sick bass drops, snappy snares, and heavy kick drums that we all love.

So when wobbleboss was released this year I was mad excited to get my hands on what is essentially the first dubstep specific tool I have used for producing music. This dubstep maker promises to be a killer new tool in my arsenal so I am more than happy to share with you my first thoughts on it. Making and producing dubstep has never been easier that is for sure! Although there is also this other really cool program which I found when I visited: http://dubstepmaker3000.com - that one seemed pretty nice as well. Not sure how good of a dubstep maker it is but I'm sure it's not bad!

How This Dubstep Maker Scared My Neighbors!

My first impression when I fired this up was "holy crap, this thing is sicckccckkk" because within about 30 seconds flat I was cycling through some absolutely sick bass samples and getting a really tight bass line going that started to rock the walls to the point where my neighbours actually had to call me and tell me to turn the volume down a bit.

I promptly started to crank out some nasty snares and even uppd the faders on my mixer so the sound was even higher! At this point my first Wobbleboss track was really starting to come together very nicely. A few killer lead synth lines and bam I had a serious dubstep track that any dubstep fan would be proud of, and all in about 15 minutes flat.

Now if that isn't tight I don't know what is. This is hands down the sickest music making tool I have ever used for making and producing this style of music. Other tools like Ableton are still really good for crafting the right sound for this style, but it's not nearly as easy. The thing I really like about this tool is that it makes music production so much easier than pretty much any other software I've used.

And on top of all that it's compatible with Windows and MAC. So even if you are rocking out OSX or if you have windows 7, or windows 8 then rest assured that you are covered with wobbleboss. One more really cool thing is that it also comes as a VST, which means you can plug it into your existing audio interface seamlessly and effortlessly!

Making Dubstep with Wobbleboss is EASY

If you want to create dubstep, this is the way to go, for shizzle! Especially if you are new to production and beat making. Because a little goes a long way with this app and you won't believe what you can accompish, and other producers will be wondering how the heck you are getting this mad vibe. They will wonder how you are achieving the dubstep beats that they can only dream of, and how your bass lines are so damn wobbly and heavy. They will literally be stumped as to how your production skills have shot through the roof in about a week flat!

Even if you don't know any music theory or you've never produced before then this can definiely help you out big time.

So if you need to make your own dubstep, and the only thing missing from your studio setup is the right dubstep maker, then this is definitely the tool you need. With it you can make the sickest sounds and beats until the break of down, until your neighbors want to break down the walls of your studio and ask you how the heck you are producing such sick professional sound dubstep music! It's that powerful!!


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