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2012 has been a hot year for Dubstep.

Not only has it absolutely burst onto the mainstream, but the quality of the tracks has just gotten better and better as the year has gone by. This makes choosing my favorite 5 Dubstep tracks for the year an incredibly difficult task, but alas I have come to my decision!

For your Dubstep listening pleasure, I have snagged the youtube videos for each of these tracks so you can rock out a bit if you like.

So let's get this started, Here are the Top 5 Dubstep Tracks of 2012 in no particular order (picking these was hard enough, coming up with a specific order would just be too much!)

Modestep - Drug Gateway Theory

*This track is sick, just listen to that drop, classic Dubstep at its best. If you like hard dubstep beat production with sick melodies then this one is for you.

Skrillex - Ruffneck - Full Flex

*Another sick Dubstep beat from Skrillex. His Dubstep production is absolutely sick. Not sure what dubstep tools and software this guy is using but I'm sure that whatever he uses, even if he played the spoons it wouldn't matter this guy breathes and farts dubstep.

Damian Marley - It was Written (Dubstep Chasin Shadows Remix)

*Here's hoping that Damian Marley gets Dubstep remixed as much as possible in the future. There's just something about his sick singing and rhyming combined with heavy Dubstep music that just sounds awesome.

Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

*What would a "top dubstep tracks" list be without at least 1 more skrillex track. What else needs to be said about skrillex, he is the dubstep production master.

Bassnectar - Here We Go

*This guy has become a classic in the dubstep scene, he's been around for a few years now but he keeps releasing sick dubstep track after sick dubstep track. Watch for more beats by this master in the coming years.

Well that's it for this top 5 tracks of 2012 list. I hope you enjoyed the beats and artists I chose, and are enjoying reading this dubstep blog. Keep your eye on this space for more videos, tracks, articles, and dubstep music production knowledge getting dropped in the coming weeks.

Thanks for Tuning in Dubsteppa's!

Mach Machiavelli

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