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So just who are the best Dubstep artists?

I've been asked this question quite a few times by people who are interested in getting into the Dubstep scene but aren't quite sure where to start... One of the problems, in my opinion, with the Dubstep scene is that there is a lot of really really REALLY bad Dubstep music out there.

So it helps to know which Dubstep Artists to hone in on and listen to in order that you can really see (hear) the best side of what Dubstep has to offer.

There are many different styles of Dubstep, and many different types of Dubstep artists ranging from deep, dark, foreboding, to happy, energetic and positive.

My list of the the best Dubstep artists has tried to take into account a variety of styles and sounds so that you can experience a variety of Artists and styles.

So without further ado, here is the list!

#1 - Skrillex

By now everyone knows Skrillex, and for good reason. Not only is he one of the best technically gifted Dubstep producers out there, he is also one of the few to have achieved real mainstream success. His style tends to be a bit bouncier and more high energy, but don't be fooled he has some real dark nasty beats for ya too!

#2 - Rusko

Hailing from London England, he first appeared on the radar in 2006 with his release of SNES Dub. Fastforward 6 years and his biggest hit is "Somebody to love" which has garnered mainstream attention and praise. Even if you don't know who Rusko is, you've more than likely heard this Dubstep masterpiece.

#3 - Benga

Benga has been exploring more and more other styles of electronic music as of late, and he even made a public statement in which he claimed that in order for him to stay creative he no longer could call himself a Dubstep musician. But make no mistake, this fella is one of the true pioneers of Dubstep music. and If you want something great to listen to you can always depend on good ol Benga.

#4 - Noisia

Although not strictly a Dubstep act, Noisia has released some really killer Dubstep tracks in the past few years. They are mainly a Drum n Bass outfit, but they also produce a lot of breakbeats, house, and other experimental electronic music. You won't be disappointed with what these guys have to offer!

#5 - Datsik

The production methods of Datsik have the source of much debate in the Dubstep community over the past few years, but there is no denying that the beats and tracks this guy puts out are top notch, top shelf stuff. His latest release is "Vitamin D" which came out in April of this year.

A Common Theme Among These Dubstep Artists

One of the common themes among these dubstep artists, if you haven't noticed, is that they all tend to create a wide variety of music, not just Dubstep. And even when it comes to Dubstep they seem to produce a wide variety of Dubstep styles, grooves, and sounds even within this specific genre.

I think that is the hallmark of any great artist in any genre of music, is that they are willing to explore outside the boundaries of their genre of choice, and this in fact helps to re-infuse the overall style with new elements that would otherwise not be introduced into the style.

Otherwise we would just have the same old boring sounding Dubstep sounds, beats, drops, and bass lines. And really, that can't go on forever, we need to always be pushing the boundaries of music, and Dubstep needs to constantly develop and re-invigorate itself with new sounds and concepts from outside of itself, if it has any chance of surviving and thriving into the future.

Mach Machiavelli


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