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You would have to have had your head in the sand for the past 2 years if you didn't realize that Dubstep Music is taking the world by storm these days.

Not only has this music infiltrated the mainstream, with remixes and retouches being done by some of the biggest artists in the dubstep scene. But it has even invaded the music awards as skrillex has scooped up some serious hardware over the past year at a variety of music awards.

For all of the success that Dubstep music has had, what is the future for this style?

The Future of Dubstep Music

So what is in store for the future of Dubstep music? To know that we must look back to the past of where Dubstep has come from...

1998 was the dawn of the earliest Dubstep tracks, even though almost no one remembers this. These tracks featured a much more darker, more experiment and deeper dub remixes of the garage, 2 step, and drum n bass tracks that were hugely popular at the time. These tracks incorporated facets of funky breakbeats and dark heavy bass elements of drum n bass into a new beat structure that hadn't really been heard up until this time.

Fast forward to 2001 and this and other dark garage music were beginning to be showcased at some of london's bigger underground clubs including the "Forward" night which went on to be the influential breeding ground for Dubstep over the next few years.

So I think that, baring in mind the birth of Dubstep and how it came about, as a synthesis of many of the popular darker, garage sounds of the time. This says something about the future of where this music is going and developing towards.

Dubstep music will most likely develop and exert its influence into almost every genre of electronic and popular music, and as time goes on it will be harder and harder to pin down what dubstep is. But one thing is for sure, it's influence will be forever felt in the world of music.

The hard driving beats, the wobble bass sounds, and the half time rhythm of the classic Dubstep beat is something that will be with us for a long time.

Watch for more and more mainstream tracks and even big name pop artists to regularly break down their track into a dubstep feel as a change up during the bridge or chorus.

Dubstep Music Influencing Cultural World Music

Another thing to watch for is that some of the most popular Dubstep tracks will begin to influence world music is in a huge way. Whether it's Middle Eastern, Asian, South American, Central American, or even African music, you will begin to notice stylistic elements of Dubstep music influencing a variety of cultural world music.

This is a great thing. Can you imagine the wonderful rhythms and melodies of world music being fused with Dubstep Music?

What an amazing sound this will be!

*Todays Guest Post was by Ty Martin from www.BeatMakersHQ.com. If you are interested in learning to produce your own dubstep music, click here and get started with dubstep music making today!

Thanks Ty for stopping by and contributing to the Dubstep4Life Music Blog!

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